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Jacksonville Spousal Support Attorney

A vital aspect of the dissolution of a marriage is spousal support. Jacksonville spousal support attorneys are expert in the realm of divorce law, and we are aggressive in securing your financial future as it pertains to divorce.

Maintaining Your Lifestyle

Spousal support, also known as alimony, is intended to assist both parties of the divorce in maintaining the standard of living they had during the marriage. A spousal support attorney of Jacksonville FL specializes in spousal support.

In general, when a divorce is inevitable, the State of Florida has defined two types of spousal support

  • Temporary
  • Permanent

A spousal support attorney in Jacksonville FL will thoroughly explain these options as they pertain to your case.

The Differences

When you file a petition for divorce, if spousal support is needed by either party, temporary support will begin. It is intended to keep a financial balance between the spouses during divorce proceedings. When the divorce is granted, temporary support ends.

Our spousal support lawyer in Jacksonville FL will walk you through how, once the divorce is final, permanent support is awarded. This support is long-term. Permanent support is decided upon by the court with several factors being used to determine if support is justified. These include

  • Age and health of each spouse
  • Length of the marriage
  • Income of each spouse
  • Debts of the marriage
  • Contributions made by each party to the marriage such as staying home to raise children rather than pursuing a career or supporting a spouse while they completed advanced schooling to improve personal income opportunities.

Jacksonville spousal support attorney stays current with emerging trends in spousal support. In the state of Florida, both men and women are legally entitled to spousal support if there is a large divergence in their incomes.

Protect Your Future

Call our Jacksonville spousal support lawyer to discuss your particular situation and what courses of action you should take to make certain you, and those you care about, are protected where finances are concerned. Our Jacksonville spousal support attorneys are the best legal team to have on your side.