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Jacksonville Child Custody Lawyer

Protecting your relationship with your child is, without a doubt, the first priority you have in a divorce, and an experienced Jacksonville child custody lawyer can help make it a reality. When the system feels too complicated or it seems like everything is weighted against you, only the best child custody attorney in Jacksonville FL will make sure your rights—along with your child’s rights—are protected and that the custody agreement is fair and just. You may be ending your marriage, but your relationship with your child should not have to be lost as well.

The Child’s Interests and Desires

People often talk about common things that factor into a divorce case, such as:

  • Income
  • Living situations
  • Domestic violence
  • Proximity to school
  • Available time
  • Ability to provide care

These things are all important, but a good Jacksonville child custody lawyer will tell you that it’s also necessary to remember that the court will look into the child’s interests and desires if the child is old enough to express them.

What the child wants can carry a lot of weight. In fact, in some cases, a child custody attorney in Jacksonville FL will recommend having your child make a request of the court to sway the decision. Even if you earn less than your spouse, for example, you may be given custody if the child asks to live with you, despite being able to provide less.

Caring for the Child

Naturally, you still have to be to give the child basic things like:

  • A nurturing home life
  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Shelter
  • Access to medical care, education and the like

If both parents can do this, though, a great child custody lawyer in Jacksonville FL may be able to help you fight for what your child wants, despite other advantages your spouse has. Remember, it’s not all about money and assets. It’s about giving the child a loving home and making him or her happy.

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